University Of Georgia Intramural Team Sneaks Past Censors, Puts Butt Stuff Reference In Team Name

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Nice Move

How to Actually Get Butt Stuff From a Female Perspective

This might be my favorite email I’ve ever gotten. Some sly boots over at the University of Georgia wanted to name their intramural soccer team after what I assume is their favorite pastime besides soccer: butt stuff. As y’all know, I am the creator of the #BUTTSTUFF2014 and #BUTTSTUFF2015 movements (which are not to be confused with bowel movements, though those may be involved if things go awry). I have even been called the patron saint of butt stuff, a title that, despite the obvious blasphemy, I relish. I love to see the movement spread, and this is definitely the most innovative way to get the word out there that I’ve seen thus far.

buts tough

FC Buts Tough 2015. Love it. Love every single part of it. Take that, UGA.


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