Deciding to extend syllabus week three weeks into the semester. TFM.

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Nice Move


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    That seems to be a pretty good decesion. I have to make decesions all the time. The other day, i decided to help my neighbor, Mr. Williamson do some yard work. He has a special medical condition where his scrotum sweats in excess, and tends to atract flies, so as im sure you can tell, makes it difficult to do yard work. While kind of off topic, his wife is also mean and abusive to him and he says she places various salty and sugar-covered candies in his rectum at night so i know he has difficulty sleeping. He also poops in the bathtub for some reason. Anyways, after i helped him in the garden i told his dog, Alexander for a walk. Mr. Williamson makes him wear a sweater year around and also bottles his urine and stores it in the closet. But your post just reminded me of that so i figured i would share a decesion i made. Well im gunna run, Mr, Williamson said he wanted to show me a Gorilla Mask he has. I guess he saved it from halloween. Welp, see ya later.

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