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  1. ShooterMcGavin

    The Piker said:

    The best part of joining Greek life at UK is the knowledge that everyone in the village is already related to you by blood.

    The best part about your avatar is that everyone knows you’re fat and look like Sloth from The Goonies

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  2. Frat Bowl

    Black Man said:

    Bourbonaire said:

    frathat1 said:

    Kaydee2524 said:

    frathat1 said:

    WoodfordReserve said:

    Brobby E Lee said:

    Kaydee2524 said:

    WoodfordReserve said:

    What are the Delts like there?

    middle. Not great, but not terrible either.

    Have some friends at UK and have spent a fair amount of time around campus. KD is bottom tier. Delts and SAE go hard and after that there is a lot of wishy washy activity.

    So Delts and SAE are top tier?

    SAE isn’t at Kentucky anymore, and Delt is always in trouble. I wouldn’t say top tier, they are close though.

    A lot chapters are getting kicked off campus come to think of it.

    Not anyone that matters.

    SAE will be top dog when they return but just about everyone is feeling some dumbass pressure from the the deans for less than nothing.

    Delt is definitely top tier at UK, SAE got kicked off campus for lighting someone on fire or something like that. The only trouble Delt got into was selling weed out of their house, but since SAE got kicked off Delt is top.

    Delt got in trouble because they were selling coke.

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