University Of Minnesota’s Special Teams Practice Consists Of Picking Up Chicks, Complaining About The Wind, Etc.

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Nice Move

Being a kicker is one of the best positions in all of sports, behind being the backup quarterback. Are you still technically a starter? Check. Minimal work? Check. Minimal effort? Check. Probably someone of European descent or someone who didn’t play actual sports growing up, like soccer? I guess that counts for something. The University of Minnesota’s specialists posted their practice routine on Twitter to show just how little work they have to put in.

Yeah man, go “nuke punts” like you’re getting ready for World War III. “Complaining about the wind” seems like the most kicker thing that you can say. When things go wrong? It’s the wind’s fault, even if you’re kicking indoors. You have to get a shit ton of curls as a kicker, apparently, so that you have something to talk about when you “talk about chicks.” And everyone knows nothing gets a girl more wet than “watching Jeopardy in the locker room” after a long day of doing nothing. Kickers just have a rough life.


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