UNC Admits To Offering Fake Classes, Skips Self-Imposed Penalties

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Nice Move


UNC has finally responded to the allegations that the school offered “paper” classes to athletes.

From ESPN:

UNC acknowledged problems tied to irregular courses in a department popular with athletes on the Chapel Hill campus, but it argued that its accreditation agency — and not the NCAA — was the proper authority to handle such a matter.

North Carolina is admitting that the school did offer these bogus classes and maybe some student-athletes took them, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s the NCAA’s job to govern which courses the school offers. They argued that all students were offered the course and not just athletes, which is why they didn’t punish themselves.

It’s the old “everyone is doing it so no need to punish us” argument. Part me of loves this move, but the other part of me thinks it’s time for the NCAA to set another example. Sure, every student was offered this class and could theoretically sign up, buuuuuuut we all know how registration works. Athletes always get first dibs. I remember meeting with my academic advisor before my senior year looking for an easy elective. She told me about this class all the athletes took, but warned me it fills up fast because the people who get to sign up first are, wouldn’t you know it, the athletes.

Throw the book at them, NCAA.

[via ESPN]

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