UNC Chi Psi Runs For Student Body President, Parodies “The Office” In Genius Campaign Ad

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Nice Move

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I am officially more invested in the student body president race at a university I never attended than I am in the 2016 presidential election. That’s due in equal parts to how shitty most of the Republican and Democratic candidates for president are and how awesome of a SBP campaign University of North Carolina Chi Psi member Wilson Sink is running.

I don’t know Sink’s party affiliation, his stances on the big issues, nor, most importantly, his stances on the small issues. How does he feel about playing poop dollar on campus? Does he plan on passing regulation to make it so the dollar has to be covered in non-human shit before it can be placed outside a fraternity house and picked up by an innocent pedestrian? Honestly, I’d probably forgive him if he did, because the campaign he’s running is just too great for me to care.

Sink’s campaign strategy? Appeal to the “people who have a sense of humor” demographic by pumping out The Office parody videos about life on his campaign team. The first episode is out, and it’s majestic.

I don’t see how you don’t vote for Wilson. He’s involved in Greek life, he’s got a sense of humor, and he likes George W. Bush. What the fuck more do you want from the guy?

His haters might be saying “a vote for Wilson Sink is a vote down the drain,” but my response is “Wilson Sink is here to improve every faucet of student life.” You go, W.

[Video courtesy of Wilson for SBP]


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