That “oh shit” moment when the girl from last night asks if you remember her name. TFM.

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      Amen. The only people who are cornier than the person who submitted this are the people who acknowledge its legitimacy through various comments. Just know that there are millions of “gdi’s” out there who always use this same “I don’t remember her name” schtick to try and get laughs, too. So, as long as you all concede the fact that you’re on their level, then that’s fine, I guess.

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    Also if you use the “That awkward moment” esque bullshit I’m going to awesome you’re a queer. That awkward moment when Freetorape dong slapped my face because I used the phrase “that awkward moment”. Gay

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    So, this is what we’re settling for, now? Corny, rehashed “I didn’t remember her name!” comments? I can’t tell if this is just really lazy or if whoever OK’d its inclusion is really just an 8th grader who overheard it on COD B02. “But, why would he be in 8th grade if he’s running thi…” I don’t know, I’m just trying to justify why anyone would think this was acceptable, at this point, unless they believed in Pillow Pants, too.

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