University Of Tennessee Brings Sex Week Back With Embarrassing Video

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Nice Move

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Here’s a tip I just received from a reader about the University of Tennessee’s Sex Week promotional YouTube video:


If you are not yet aware, Sex Week at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville begins next week (March 2-7). I am attaching a link to their horrible promotional video. These are not members of the Greek community at UT, so do not associate us with these creatures. We have had enough bad publicity over the past year (thanks to Pike/buttchuggers).


P.S. It makes so much sense that your name is Dillon. I’ve never met a cool guy named Dillon.

P.P.S. Give your mother my best.

Here’s the video:

I don’t know anything about Sex Week at Tennessee. I also don’t know where it went or why these strange people felt inclined to bring it back in such horrendous fashion. I do know, however, that this isn’t the way to bring the shit back. This video is bad, very bad, maybe even intentionally bad in order to create some publicity. My eyes and ears are bleeding.

P.S. Dear mouthy tipster whose first name rhymes with Shmatrick,

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