University Of Texas Kids Shared Their Craziest College Party Stories On Twitter

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Nice Move

UT Kids Revealed Their Wildest College Party Stories

Everyone has at least one crazy party story from college. For instance, Jared likes to tell me about the time him and his online frat threw a huge LAN party and played each other in League of Legends while shotgunning Mountain Dew. Mine involves Kappa Sig’s “Heaven and Hell” party (how I got in is a story in itself) and a whole lot of blood.

#UTpartystories became a Twitter trend, so University of Texas students decided to let us in our their own college experiences.

Goals for this weekend.

And they say frat guys aren’t good dudes.

That kid did it right.

Blaze it, nerds.

This would be impressive if it was a full keg, but it would also be idiotic if it was a full keg.

Stealing another man’s pizza should be punishable by tar and feathering.

Orlie, if you’re the reason Uber is gone (as well as Micah, fuck that guy for voting against Uber), I’m gonna be pissed.

I’m a huge advocate of peeing in trash cans, especially when there is a long line to use a urinal.

Just included this one so I could say what’s up girl?

Overall, pretty tame if you ask me. Though you gotta believe that a lot of the real wild stories were kept off social media to protect these students’ images. Go out and get a wild college party story that’s actually worth writing about, then hit up our email and tell us all about it. You should be blackout from now until Tuesday morning, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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