University Of Texas Misspells “Texas” 32 Times In Football Media Guide, OU Fans Make Them Pay

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Nice Move

University of Texas head coach Charlie Strong has dismissed or suspended five different Longhorn players over the last week for violating team rules (and the law in some cases). He’s set a stern precedent that if you’re not up to his (and Texas’) standard, you’re gone. Charlie Strong is not, however, the managing editor of If he was, he may have taken the site offline while the entire staff endures an employment purge.

“Texas” was misspelled on every other page in the player profile section of the 2014 Texas Longhorns Media Guide. Check the bottom of the below page.


The misspellings have been corrected as you’ll in the updated media guide, but damage has been done. Once the internet catches wind of an error of this magnitude, you must pay. And once an OU fan sees that is available, he buys it.



The scoreboard says otherwise.


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