University Of Virginia Suspends All Pledging, Gives Initiation Deadline

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Nice Move

…of this Saturday at 6 p.m.

Now, for 90% of the UVA fraternities (ie. the responsible ones), things should move along swimmingly in the process of initiating their pledges by Saturday evening. For the other 10%, though, they might react with an undesired “challenge accepted” approach to an accelerated hell week, much to the chagrin of their spring pledges.

From The Daily Progress:

The University of Virginia has ordered all fraternities to end their new-member pledge periods by 6 p.m. Saturday or face the prospect of losing official university recognition.

The move comes as one fraternity is under investigation “after reports of inappropriate behavior,” and more investigations are poised to begin. Officials said the deadline isn’t tied to any allegations of criminal behavior.

Cramming a week’s worth of standard hell week hazing into a couple nights (depending on when this was announced) could prove to be counterproductive in the school’s pursuit for a haze-free Greek community. Remember, this is the same fraternity system that hospitalized a pledge in 2011 for sodium poisoning. Fucking salt, man. Who knew such a thing was even possible?

In 2011, a UVa fraternity pledge was hospitalized for sodium imbalance after consuming what one fraternity brother described as a “traditional” pledge meal of dog food, matzo balls and gefilte fish, then drank 12 to 18 ounces of soy sauce, according to court documents.

God speed, pledges.

[via The Daily Progress]

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