University Wants To Ban Terms “Greek Life,” “Rush,” And “Pledge” Because Of Cultural Appropriation

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Nice Move


The University of California, Merced wants all of Greek life to stop appropriating the Greek culture.

From The College Fix:

Students involved in a fraternity or sorority at the University of California Merced have been instructed not to use the terms “Greek,” “rush” or “pledge” because they are “appropriating Greek culture” and are “non-inclusive,” several students told The College Fix.

In particular, they’ve been told:

Replace “Greek Life” with “Fraternity and Sorority Life”

Replace “rush” with “recruitment”

Replace “pledge” with “potential new member”

“Rush” was replaced because it was giving off a negative connotation towards fraternities and sororities. How? I don’t know. I tried to think of a way but kept coming up with blanks. “Pledge” apparently means hazing in their book so they want Greek life to use “potential new member,” a term that is already used to describe potentials who have not yet received a bid.

Fraternity and Sorority Life staff coordinator Richard Arquette is the one behind all of this, according to the students. So, Rich, instead of trying to change the Greek life tradition, why don’t you just let us Greeks be Greeks because I can assure you the actual people of Greece don’t care.

[via The College Fix]


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