UOPD Officers In Trouble For Making List Of People And Things That Should “Eat A Bowl Of Dicks”

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Nice Move

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While I have never actually worked a graveyard shift, from what I understand, it’s usually a time where you do a lot of nothing. The shift provides endless hours of boredom in which you can ponder your life, your goals, that shitty patch job on the wall–anything that can pass the time.

The police officers working the graveyard shift at the University of Oregon passed their time in a rather unique way–they kept a list of people and things that can “eat a bowl of dicks.” That’s pretty fucking frat.

The list of 225 people and things the officers hate was exposed, thanks to a lawsuit filed by a former officer who is pissed about being fired after complaining about the “vulgar list.” In all honesty, I really don’t give a damn about the lawsuit. I only care about this list.

It’s quite a long list that includes a very diverse group of people and things, but it’s well worth the read. It includes everything and everybody from sports stars such as Tony Romo to random groups such as “one light out High beam drivers.” It includes fraternities, too, but I’ll let the hate slide, because this list is incredible.












These guys had a lot of time to think of these things, and I can agree with them on a lot of what they listed. They’re royally fucked now, but hell, no good list goes unpunished…or something like that.

[via KVAL]


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