USC Coach Steve Sarkisian Gets Turnt Up At Kickoff Event, Gets Escorted Out By AD Pat Haden

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Nice Move

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Last night, Steve Sarkisian was apparently getting after it at USC’s “Salute to Troy” kickoff event. He let loose, threw back drinks with no regard for mankind, dropped F-bomb after F-bomb during his speech, and was eventually escorted out of the building by Athletic Director Pat Haden and former Trojans Head Coach John McKay.

Love it. If I’m a player or a recruit, I’m ready to suit up and run through a fucking brick wall for this man. I don’t want this kind of behavior in my head ball coach, I NEED it. “Seven Win Steve” is a true players coach, which I’ll take over some old-school, uptight, joyless hardass like the Todd Grahams of the world every day of the week.

If you have a problem with the face of your program getting rowdy at a banquet dinner, shit-talking the competition, and firing out dildo jokes to attendees, you’re undoubtedly the same unbearable slapdick traditionalist that is calling for excessive celebration whenever a player doesn’t immediately hand the ball back to the referees. There’s a reason no one invites you over on Saturdays.

Keep on keeping on, Steve.

[via Lost Letterman]

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