USF Sends Pitch To Big 12 Boasting Academics, Misspells Word In Second Sentence

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Nice Move

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The Big 12 has announced that it will sit down and interview 18 schools for admission into their conference. One of those schools happens to be the University of South Florida. The Bulls sit in a nice TV market, are not completely terrible at sports, and bring Big 12 schools into the fertile recruiting ground that is Florida.

USF knows they have a prime opportunity to gain admission, so they were ready to send off their final pitch this morning and did so with confidence. Only problem was that they messed up from the get-go.


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Still don’t see it?

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.16.07 PM

When you’re presenting your pitch to a potential client, investor, or, in this case, new conference, you gotta make a good first impression. Really blow your audience away. USF just shat the bed right from the get go. I wouldn’t be surprised if Big 12 commissioner, Bob Bowlsby, just takes this thing and tosses it in the trash.

This kinda stuff doesn’t happen at SMU. Just saying. We’d up the academics in the conference and add in some recruiting scandals free of charge. Win-win if you ask me.

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