UT Fraternity Wakes Up To Car Parked In Living Room, Farm Animals Inside Car

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Nice Move

Very little is known at this point about what exactly led to a smart car being parked inside this house. We’re not even exactly sure where this happened. We’ve been told it’s definitely at the University of Texas, and multiple sources have informed us that this appears to be inside the Pike house, although we cannot confirm that.

This is usually where I’d come up with some colorfully descriptive way to set the scene, but any words I write would futilely live up to these photos.

From imgur:

Morning After

I wake up the morning after a party and come downstairs to find a smart car parked in our living room… Just when I thought it couldnt get any weirder, I find these guys inside.




If anyone can shed some light on how this happened, or whose house this is, please email me (dillon@grandex.co).

[via imgur]



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