UW-Madison Professor Shows X-Ray Of His Pelvis To Class, Penis Visible

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Nice Move

Does this need to be sailboated?

I’m not sure if this is an unprecedented power move or an honest mistake, but either way, it’s hilarious. An Anatomy professor at UW-Madison was trying to show his students the results of his surgery for osteoarthritis. He showed a little more than just his new internal hardware, however — namely, his John Stossel. His frank and beans. That’s right: his dick.


I assume this professor is going to take the Chris Cooley defense and say that he didn’t notice that his penis was front and center in the X-ray, giving the one-eyed stare down to his unsuspecting students. Not sure if that’s the right play here. If I was this schmo, I’d probably just claim it was okay because it was in the name of science.

I’ve never been more proud of my school. I’m definitely taking a class with this dude next semester.

[via @UWshoutouts]



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