Vandy Coach James Franklin Calls Nick Saban “Nicky Satan”

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Nice Move

What the hell is James Franklin thinking? I love it, but what the hell is he thinking poking papa bear like that with the cameras rolling? He’s a dead man walking. There is likely a Tonya Harding-esque bounty on his knees as we speak.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Today’s Video of the Day is a long clip with a short message – even opposing coaches think Nick Saban is the devil. Vanderbilt coach James Franklin was speaking at a high school football banquet in Macon, Ga., and called Saban “Nicky Satan” while talking about how he was going to outwork him.

Somewhere, Nick Saban is wearing a red shirt, sitting in a dark room and writing Franklin’s name down over and over for no particular reason.

Half of me is thinking, “Jimmy, listen…you coach at Vandy. You need to simmer down a tad, broheem. The Nicktator has almost as many rings as you had total wins this season.” Then the other half of me is like, “Fuck yeah! Now say something about Mrs. Saban!” Either way, it’s awesome.

Lucky for Franklin, Alabama and Vanderbilt don’t meet in 2013.

The Nicktator will remember.

Watch the video:

Dores, bitch.

[via Yahoo! Sports]

Image via Toledo Blade



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