Genius Puts Venmo Handle On College Gameday Sign, Can’t Stop Getting Sent Money From Strangers

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Nice Move

college gameday venmo sign

How has nobody thought of this before? To be fair, maybe they have, and I just never noticed it. Regardless, I can guarantee we are going to see a lot more people putting their Venmo handles on College Gameday signs after the success that Venmo user @SamC2270, less well known as Sam Crowder, has seen.

As a third party, there’s no way of knowing how much money @SamC2270 has received thus far. But I can only assume it’s still on the rise as the tweet I embedded goes viral and sites, like us, continue to cover this story. @SamC2270’s gotta be raking it in like Michigan’s currently raking in points against UCF. Sorry, Dan

In unrelated news, Venmo me, you guys: @JaredBorislow.

Hey, it’s worth a shot.

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