VIDEO: Alabama Fans Do Their Best Trump Impressions To Make You Feel Better About Yourself

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Nice Move

VIDEO- Alabama Fans Do Their Best Trump Impressions, Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Trumpapalooza took the streets of Mobile, Alabama, on Friday night. Thousands of right-winged, redneck Alabama fans created huge lines just to see the potential 2016 presidential electee. Some guy thought it’d be a good idea to get some Trump impersonations from these fine folks.

Watching this is just another reason I’m thankful that I am not from the state of Alabama. I’m also convinced that the only words they know from Trump are “you’re fired.” Is this one of the most stereotypical Alabama things you’ve ever seen, though? I mean look at this guy:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.48.42 AM

MVP of the whole thing. Whenever you think of Alabama fans, this is the kind of guy that comes to mind.

A+ Mullet ✔
Accent that sounds like his IQ is a little low ✔
Wal-Mart bought Alabama t-shirt ✔

Unfortunately for all the Alabama fans, despite not understanding what Trump was saying, their cries to get Trump to demand Ohio State declare Alabama the better team were for naught. Better luck next time.



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