VIDEO: Bachelor Party Friends Pull Off Classic Dildo Prank At Airport Security

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Nice Move

No matter what age you are, your buddies from high school and college are always gonna be there for you to mess with. So, why not take advantage of the opportunity as often as you can?

This video comes from Will Burge, a Cleveland, Ohio, sports reporter/columnist/comedian. This dude covers sports in Cleveland so I’m assuming his life is extremely depressing and this is his way of laughing through the pain.

According to Burge, he and his friends were traveling to a bachelor party. One of the friends in the group was a first-time flyer and was realllllly nervous about getting through security. So his friends did what any good friends would do. They pulled a fantastic prank on him.

Hats off to the TSA guy for keeping his composure while finding a massive dildo strapped to a water bottle. Glad he gave that massive schlong back, though.

Note: Dildos containing more than three ounces of liquid are not allowed on planes.


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