VIDEO: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesting Gets Violent In Dartmouth Library

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Nice Move

Dartmouth Joins Protest Wars, Gets Violent With White Students In Library

Last Thursday night, a parade of Black Lives Matter protestors barged into the school’s library where they began to shout racist chants towards the white students while they were trying to study. Naturally, the annoyed students were fed up because the library is supposed to be quiet, so they tried to leave or tell the rally to pipe down. That’s when things turned violent. Some posts on YikYak describe some of the things that went down.




Of course, there is a video, too.

If your college or university isn’t protesting at this point, then are you attending a real school? By now, multiple schools across the nation have started protesting over a multitude of reasons thanks to the attention that Mizzou’s #ConcernedStudent1950 received. It’s getting a bit ridiculous at this point. I even read about a protest at Brown where a protestor said they hadn’t been to class in months. Months! Why are you even still at school?!

As the great Danny Regs once said:

Truer words have never been spoken.


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