VIDEO: Brewers Fan Licks Another Person’s Puke For $100

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Nice Move

The crowd dispersed after one lady at a Brewers game painted the bleachers in digested hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. But as they ran out, one man ran in. Fueled by the promise of $100, the beanie-wearing hero went where everyone begged him not to.

He bent over and lapped up that mess like a cat does with a saucer of milk.

Mother. Of. God.

What would you do for $100? Would you lick some lady’s stomach sludge off of a stadium bench? I don’t have a crisp Benny staring me in the face, but I like to think I’d draw the line well before that. Dude took it like a champ too. No hesitation. Barely a gag at the end. This wasn’t about the money. This was about sending a message to his boys that he’s the sickest motherfucker in the group. I don’t know how to feel about it. Should I be appalled? Impressed? I know I shouldn’t be, but part of me admires this man’s commitment to utter reprehensibility.

h/t Uproxx


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