VIDEO: Check Out Alpha Phi Turned Miss USA In A Wet T-Shirt

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Nice Move


I don’t know what it is about Olivia Jordan that just makes her so attractive to me. Is it the fact that she’s Miss USA? Possibly. Is it the fact that she’s a sorority girl? That plays a role. Could it be that she has legs that go on for days? Certainly is part of the equation. Throw all these together and then her willingness to throw on a white t-shirt and shower with it for cameras and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm.

She’s damn near perfect.

Her reign as Miss USA is off to a hot start to say the least. I think that maybe she should look into a little nip slip on live TV for some added edge to her image. I didn’t study public relations, but I’m pretty sure that when done right, the nip slip can make or break a person. Do it for a better PR, Olivia.

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