VIDEO: College Kid Can’t Stop Intentionally Scaring His Easily-Frightened Roommate

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Nice Move

Having a friend who gets scared very easily is an absolute godsend. If you’re ever bored — or just in need of a good laugh — all you have to do is catch him off guard, watch him scream in terror and drop whatever he’s holding (bonus points if it’s a liquid or something that means a lot to him), and suddenly everything is alright in the world. Easily-startled friends are like emotional therapy friends, and you should thank yours next time you see them (after you blast an airhorn in their ear).

I can honestly say that if my college roommate was as easily startled as the appropriately named “Wiener,” I’d do the exact same thing as the guy who took the videos in the below compilation.

God, just look at it. The fear in his voice. The way his heart beats out of his chest. That look of sheer terror. I love it. Makes me long for Halloween. The Reese’s pumpkins that look nothing like pumpkins, the Butterfingers, making the neighborhood kids shit their pants by pulling out a real chainsaw at the cul-de-sac haunted house… October can’t come soon enough.

Thanks for being a good sport, kid. The world needs more Wieners like you in it.


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