VIDEO: Conservative Hottie Tomi Lahren Goes Scorched Earth On Millennial Men

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Nice Move

Tomi Lahren

Damn, Tomi Lahren. Back it again with the hot takes!

Everyone’s favorite conservative hottie Tomi Lahren came out swinging hard against millennial guys…and it’s completely warranted.

Where are the Men?

Is it just me or have men gotten really soft these days?

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ohhh, kill ‘em!

Odds are pretty good your annoying, Bernie Sanders-loving Facebook friends will disagree with every point in this video, but Lahren is right.

It’s time for some of the fellas out there to sack up, roll up their sleeves and stop being such pussies.

Also, Tomi, if you still need that tire changed, give me a shout.


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