(VIDEO) Couple Openly Engages In Oral Sex At USC Halloween Party

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Nice Move

What in the world is going on with American college students right now? Last week we reported on not one, but two cases of completely naked Halloween costumes at Arizona State Halloween parties (here and here), then, just this morning, we featured a photo of a young couple, presumably from UGA, in mid-fornication at Frat Beach while standing ass-high in the ocean, and in broad damn daylight. You kids are simply out of control.

Per anonymous sources, the two people in the following video are at a fraternity’s Halloween Party at the University of Southern California. As you can see, the girl is shamelessly going down on the guy in a crowded area.

We had to censor the video in order to share it.

The video has been removed per emailer’s request.

“Hey, this girl’s giving him head!” Nailed it.




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  1. 69

    Free the sailboats! It’s unethical to take them out of their natural habitats of the open water and Sperry logos. Sailboats have rights just like everyone else. #FreeTheSailboats2013 #SaveTheSailboatMovement

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  2. 22
    Steve Frattimer

    Definitely rape if I’ve ever seen it. Nevermind the fact he was trying to shut everyone up so she’d keep going. He was drunk, therefore, no consent.

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