VIDEO: Donald Trump Goes Full Donald Trump When Asked If He Could Beat Obama At Golf

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Nice Move

While in Bluffton, South Carolina for a rally, Donald Trump was asked a hard-hitting question about what his handicap is and whether or not he’d beat Obama in a round of golf. His answer was pretty much what you’d expect from the guy.

Trump has one of the biggest egos in the world — which is what makes him lovable. He relates to guys like you and me who think we can do anything we want, whenever we want. Plus, he never turns away an opportunity to throw the fact that he’s a club champion in your face. I mean, he subtly just rubbed it in the entire crowd’s face when he asked if anyone there was a club champion and nobody stood up. Love it.

Trump absolutely would crush Obama on the golf course. Have you seen Obama’s swing? Not pretty. It’s like if Regester’s and Charles Barkley’s swings had a baby. Guaranteed to be a slice right into the woods.


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