VIDEO: Drunk Americans Sneak Into Russian Hockey Locker Room, Piss In Ice Skate

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Nice Move

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In a video that appears to be filmed at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Moscow, two drunk and rowdy Americans stumble into a commie locker room. As goofy Russian accordion music plays in the background, one hefty fella flings off his USA jersey and starts jiggling his fat, painted stomach to the beat. Then he starts messing with the Russian players’ jerseys before setting an ice skate on the ground, lifting up his FUPA, and urinating into the shoe.

I would say this is a classless move, but this is Russia we’re talking about. Fuck Russia. I hope this dude was loaded on Budweiser so the commie who owns that boot was literally skating in a pool of America. I also hope these drunken American heroes already caught a flight back to the states. If not, they may be facing 25 years hard labor.

h/t Terez Owens


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