VIDEO: FOX News’ Jesse Watters Visits The University Of Oregon, Makes Bernie Sanders Supporters Look Like Idiots

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Nice Move

VIDEO- Fox News’ Jesse Watters Visits The University of Oregon, Makes Bernie Sanders Supporters Look Like Idiots

By now you’ve likely come across an overly enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporter who can’t stop talking about his great ideas, like raising taxes on the rich, legalizing marijuana, making college free, etc. The funny thing is that outside of those issues, those “feelin’ the Bern” don’t know shit about his values or even politics, for that matter.

FOX News’ Jesse Watters, who loves pissing off liberals, visited the University of Oregon campus for Thursday’s edition of Watters World. He found out that yes, Sanders supporters truly are that dumb.

The video starts off hot with a supporter unable to identify if Sanders is a congressman or senator (he’s a senator from Vermont) and it just gets progressively better from there.

Personally, I can’t decide what part is my favorite: the idea that rich people should shop at thrift stores because a self-identified “queer” student gets his clothes there or the part where a woman says America can defeat ISIS by having a conversation with them.

It’s gotta be the ISIS part. Droppin’ knowledge, not bombs. Gold star for you, miss.

Now, if you’re a left-leaner and you’re blowing this segment off because it comes from the big bad Fox News, then I’ve got something for you. CNN did a similar survey of Bernie Sanders supporters’ knowledge shortly before the Iowa caucuses. For Team Sanders, it once again did NOT go well.

Just remember: Their votes count just as much as yours. Scary, right?


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