VIDEO: FOX’s Jesse Watters Spends A Day With Liberal Millennials, Trolls The Shit Out Of Them

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Nice Move

VIDEO- FOX'S Jesse Watters Hits Up Millennials And Trolls The Shit Outta Them

Millennials don’t have the greatest reputation in the world, mostly because they come off as lazy, entitled, and unwilling to work. One thing is certain about them, though: they all have strong political opinions that generally lean very left.

FOX News’ Jesse Watters, who loves pissing off liberals, spent the day with millennials for Thursday’s edition of Watters’ World. He found out that yes, most millennials truly are idiots.

“That’s the truth.”

“I don’t think so.”

Millennials can’t even realize what is truth and what is not these days. Jesse makes me want to be a better asshole.


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