(VIDEO) George Washington Student Demonstrates How To Eat Chipotle If You Have No Self Respect

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Nice Move

It’s a slow news day. Sue me. Regardless, I find this at least somewhat relevant, if only because we’ve all lost a little dignity at Chipotle at some point in our lives, or at many points, if you’re me.


*Drags hungover, half dead body to Chipotle counter*

Me: I’ll take a burrito. Extra rice. Extra steak.

Chipotle Worker: Would you like any salsa?

Me: Madam, if you put any salsa on this burrito I will void every ounce of my insides in this restaurant, through every orifice I have.

*Takes burrito back to table. Eats. Gets up. Walks to bathroom. Vomits for ten minutes. Gets back in line*

Me: Another.

Chipotle Worker: But you just…



The guy in the video below is definitely having a Chipotle “Fuck it” moment. He sits there in a crowded area licking his burrito bowl, just going to town, without any regard for anything or anyone. With those headphones on he’s in his own little world, licking a bowl like it’s a box to get at that sweet, sweet…bean sauce, leftover sour cream, and salsa remnants. Good God man. Get a hold of yourself.

[via Overhead at GW]



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