(VIDEO) Guy’s Reason For Driving With Open Beers In The Car: “Cuz I’m In A Frat”

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Nice Move

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The roadside of I-16 in Savannah, Ga., became the scene of one of the greatest post-citation interviews of all time.

The Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office, along with nearly 10 other law enforcement agencies, set up DUI and license checkpoints along the interstate last weekend as travelers made their way to Savannah to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

A local reporter from Savannah’s 13 WMAZ struck journalism gold as she found herself in the right place at the right time. Riding shotgun, Blake (he didn’t want to give a last name, because fuck last names) and his boys, hailing from Kennesaw, were heading into town for a good time when they came upon an aforementioned DUI and license checkpoint. The driver wasn’t drunk–the article makes no mention that he was even drinking–but they did receive a citation for violating the state’s open container law.

“We just got pulled over for cracking a couple of beers in the car,” said Blake. As evidenced by the constant smiling, smartass answers, and intermittent laughter, Blake and his friends were clearly unrattled by the serious nature of the situation. Reporter Elise Brown then followed up by asking Blake why they were driving with open containers.

With a neon frat hat on his head, “fuck you” shades covering his eyes, and a shit-eating grin across his face, Blake answered, “Cuz I’m in a frat.”

Here’s the video:

No other citations were issued and Blake and the gang drove off into fraternal lore…and also assumedly to get blacked out in Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day.

[via 13 WMAZ]


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