Video Has Surfaced Of Dez Bryant Racing OSU’s Horse Bullet To Remind You That Your Athletic Genes Suck

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Nice Move

Dez Bryant is an athletic freak. When he’s got a good QB throwing him the ball, he’s one of the best receivers in the game. When he’s got Weeden, Cassel, or Kellen Moore tossing him the pigskin, then he just mentally checks out. However, no matter how you slice it, the dude can play some football.

Now some footage from his college days at Oklahoma State have surfaced of him racing Bullet, the Oklahoma State horse.

Gotta say that is pretty impressive that he kept it close and only lost by a few yards.

However, knowing Dez, he couldn’t stand losing to a horse. He probably was so pissed that he just lost to something that isn’t a human (despite not knowing it’s much faster than him) that he demanded a rematch, only with a little head start.

Just a subtle reminder that Dez is a thoroughbred that races for high stakes and you’re a miniature pony that parents rent for their kids’ birthday parties.


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