Video: Idiot Protester Attempts To Burn American Flag, Sets Himself On Fire

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Nice Move

Flag burners are the worst of the worst. I know it’s legal free speech, but there’s a difference between making a statement and saying/doing something for the sole purpose of being edgy. Flag burners’ means fall under the latter category. They’re nothing more than attention-seeking, fedora-wearing, neck-bearded Edgelords who love posting mirror selfies in their Guy Fawkes masks alongside an overgeneralized George Carlin quote on how bullshit the government is.

I don’t know what this particular clan of Edgelings was bitching about while outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but their t-shirts are emblazoned with a super edgy and equally vague slogan, “REVOLUTION NOTHING.” How thought provoking.

One of the independent-thinking revolutionaries decided to WAKE UP THE SHEEPLE by torching Old Glory. Moments later, karma happens. There’s smoke. A woman shrieking. A cop runs over shouting, “You’re on fire, stupid!” in an attempt to save the man who was rioting against him.

Let’s this be a lesson to all you flag burners out there: don’t do it. But if you must, make sure your greasy-ass pony tail is away from the flames.


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