VIDEO: Johnny Manziel Booted From University Of Texas Fraternity Party (Updated)

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Nice Move

Johnny Manziel dropped by a University of Texas fraternity party last night. Here he is drinking a Stone and talking to a little blonde number:

And then here he is getting thrown out of the party while someone throws a beer at him (possibly Case McCoy judging by the accuracy and strength of the toss?), and is showered with jeers and a final “Get the fuck out!” farewell.

That’s all I’ve got at this point. I’m not even sure which house this is. ΣAE maybe? Anyone out there able to shed some light on what transpired here?

UPDATE I: According to multiple tipsters, this is the ΣAE house.

UPDATE II: Johnny is still in Austin. He’s currently at FIJI’s Fiji Islander party, sporting a Tim Tebow jersey.

Holler at that blonde for me, Johnny. Fiji Islander looks like a good time:

[via Burnt Orange Nation]



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