VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Makes Rookie Sit On The Floor During Game

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Nice Move

During last night’s Lakers game against the Mavericks, Kobe Bryant sat out with a sore right shoulder. So he dressed in his street clothes and watched from the sidelines. The only problem with that was there was no room on the bench for the Mamba. What’s a legend to do in that situation? Head up to a suite? Nah, Kobe needs to be in on the action so took a rookie’s chair and made him sit on the floor.

Like any good young kid knows, when a superior asks you do to something, you do it with no questions asked. If Kobe Bryant wants to sit on the bench and take your seat, then you get out of your seat, thank him for letting you sit there in the first place, and move to the floor like the good rookie you are.

Image via Twitter/@sportsculturefb


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