VIDEO: Lady Forgets She Can’t Catch, Wastes Full Tray Of Beer

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Nice Move

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Imagine losing your tray of full beers at the ballgame? It was only a nightmare. Talk about the Sunday Scaries. It didn’t really happen. Wait, there’s video footage of it? Fuck me.

Every day we see fans find unique ways to catch foul balls and get their moment in the sun. Catching a foul ball and holding it up to an ovation from the crowd is the epitome of 15 seconds of fame for any sports fan. Some go the old fashion route and use their glove, others put their hat to use, and the bold go with the bare-hand grab.

But this lady takes the cake with the audacity of thinking her cardboard tray full of beer and food would make for a great contraption to catch a ball in.

I’m waiting for someone to put this video into slow motion and break it down like the infamous Zapruder film capturing the JFK assassination.

“Look at that beer fly, back and to the left. At first glance, it appears there is only one beer on that tray. Is a second beer covered up by that napkin? Look at the size of that splash, there must have been a second beer!”

There are a few explanations as to why this tragic event occurred:

1) Her husband was currently occupied, pissing away his eighth beer and this was her way of cutting him off.

2) It was really hot out. What better way to cool off than with an ice cold beer shower?

3) She’s a woman and just didn’t know any better.

Damn you, lady. Let’s hope it was an import at least. Regardless, all beer lives matter.

There is nothing sadder in life than wasted beer.


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