Video Leaks Allegedly Showing Mizzou QB Maty Mauk Railing A Gator Tail

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Nice Move

It’s been the day of leaked videos in the SEC. Earlier, we shared the news of a leaked video allegedly showing an Arkansas professor fornicating with an alleged student on his desk.

Now, Maty Mauk, the likely soon-to-be former Mizzou quarterback, is allegedly seen snorting a line of coke in a new leaked video, before letting out a primal post-snort yell.

One of my friends who does coke just told me he’s a pussy because “he didn’t even finish it.” An all-around bad look for the face of a struggling Mizzou football program.

According to my Mizzou source, who offices just three doors down (Bacon), Mauk’s been known to dabble in the coke game. It was, according to him, the reason for his suspension during the 2015 season.

Mauk was suspended back in October because the coaches caught him dealing blow. That’s why they kept it totally secret, so he wouldn’t get in trouble with the school or law. Supposedly he was turned in by fellow players (I’ve heard center Evan Boehm) because they were upset with how he wasn’t taking football seriously and was playing like shit. It’s been an open secret in Columbia that Mauk regularly blows lines. I have a fraternity brother who has done it with him.

Kid likes yay. Allegedly.

Update 1: Mauk has been suspended.

Update 2: Mauk’s teammate, Michael Scherer, admits to filming the video. Says it’s old.

Update 3: Michael Scherer reached out to me to clarify that the first tweet above is in reference to a prior tweet that is not related to the Mauk situation. Scherer did not film the video.



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    • 110
      Rob Fox

      Anyone who matters in Columbia – as in anyone who could or would punish Maty – was already aware those rumors were out there. I personally haven’t done shit to confirm them. He certainly has though.

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 7 months ago
    • -63

      Missou school just phoned me and said, “Where are you at youngbuck?”

      Matty said, “I’m in a strip club, over my friend house getting drunk and snorting cocaine, why?”

      Matty said, “I think somebody has stolen my wallet because I just got back from the club , and corner liquor store , and I had to hit up Tyrone on the corner because of his cheap 20 balls of fire.

      Mizzou said, “Don’t be stupid, who would steal $23.87 from an youngbuck out of Mizzou who need a $1.00 for girls at club , $2.87 for an forty oz at the liquor store , $20.00 for Tyrone on the corner for his balls of fire! 🙂

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 7 months ago
  1. 119

    So, Grandex allows videos of people railing blow but we get our IP banned if we post the link to the professor railing the college chick video? That makes as much sense as television bleeping out the hole in asshole.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 7 months ago
  2. 53

    Typical Mizzou QB… still remember one of their recruits from KC who never made it to campus because he got pulled over with beer, weed, coke, and his dog in the car… he was so fucked up he told the cops it was his dogs… his high school nickname was Cocaine-Blane. Gotta love Missouri.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 7 months ago

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