Video Leaks Of Alleged University Of Arkansas Professor Banging Student On His Desk

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According to multiple tips we received over the past hour, a video has leaked that allegedly features a now former criminal justice professor at the University of Arkansas having sex on the desk of either a lecture hall or his office with an alleged student. A link to the video was included with the tip, and we watched all 24 seconds of it. There’s definitely some doggy-style sex happening on a desk in what looks like a classroom. That much is clear.

The video, which we can’t post or link to for obvious reasons, was filmed through a window. It shows penetration. Both subjects are wearing shirts, but neither is wearing pants. This style of sexual intercourse is known in some circles as “the Pooh Bear.” The above screenshot is from the video.

We cannot confirm the identities of the two people in the video, but word has gotten out on social media, as well as, where one person had this to say:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.24.24 PM

According to multiple tips, the professor is no longer employed by the university, but whether or not that’s because of the video’s existence is unclear.

We have contacted the Media Relations department at the University or Arkansas to confirm the termination of the professor whose name we were given. According to the man I spoke to, they are aware of the allegations, but told me their records indicate that the professor in question left three semesters ago to pursue a career in law enforcement. They are looking into the matter.

So, perhaps the video is a few semesters old, and is only just now being shared with the public. We will report more details as they emerge.



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  1. 131

    Had this guy in class soph year. Absolute savage. Goes to the bar, sips a coors light then takes homes drunk girls. Somewhat disturbing. Surprised he’s just now getting caught.

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    Beer Jacket

    Dorno clearly you’ve seen the video can we at least get an area code rating of how hot the chick is? A friend really wants to know.

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