VIDEO: Life Was Good For Robber Nicknamed “Spider Man” Until He Fell 15 Stories And Died

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Nice Move

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From Live Leak:

Igor Dantas also known as “homem-aranha” or “Spider-Man” for climbing buildings to rob people has been filmed falling to his death. According to military police the suspect broke into several buildings trying to escape police. He entered the white gold building in the largo de graca and jumped to the neighboring building, itajai. He climbed up to the 10 the floor entered through a window then climbed down stairs to 9th floor.

Life is crazy. It can be such a cruel mistress. Up one minute, down the next. You’ve got to take your lumps and keep on trucking, though. Unless, of course, one of those lumps is fatally falling from the side of a building while acting like a superhero.

One day you’re a famous robber with an awesome nickname because you have the superhuman ability to scale buildings and steal shit from innocent people, then the next you’re falling 15 stories while evading the police and you bounce your skull off the pavement and die instantly and your nickname turns from awesome to really ironic. That’s just life.

RIP Homem-aranha. You had a good run, man.

WARNING: Video shows Dantas falling to his death.

[via Live Leak]

Image via Helga Esteb /


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