VIDEO: Minor Leaguer Hits Foul Ball That Impossibly Spins Back In Play For Third Out

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Nice Move

In last night’s El Paso Chihuahuas (can you think of a less intimidating name than that?) versus the Las Vegas 51s game, one of the craziest plays in baseball occurred. Not an inside the park home run. Not a triple play. No, it involved what looked like a harmless foul ball.

In the top of the 7th, a Las Vegas player stepped to the plate with two outs and squibbed a pitch headed straight for the first base dugout. Then this happened…

That’s just some of the unluckiest shit I’ve ever seen on a baseball field. Is it bad luck, or could it have been avoided?

When you break it down, the batter could have changed his luck solely by sticking the fundamentals. Run that out, man.


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