VIDEO: Pi Phi at Texas A&M Wants to Take Johnny Football to Formal

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Nice Move

C’mon, Johnny. You gotta pull the trigger on this one, man. This Kate Rowland chick looks like a little sweetheart. Look at that kind, innocent face and those doey eyes. Cute as hell, man. I bet she’s a great time, too.

The regular season is over for the Ags, and your bowl game is several weeks away. You don’t have shit to do right now, and besides, this chick has probably already been thrown out like yesterday’s newspaper. It’s Kate’s fucking birthday next Friday, the night of the fucking formal! Have a heart, Johnny.

We’re all pulling for you, Kate.

Say yes, Johnny, but if you do, don’t corrupt this delicate soul. And if you say no, don’t think for a second that Johnny Student (best nickname in College Station) character isn’t going to swoop in and sweep Kate off her feet. Guy looks like he’s got his shit together in a big way. Power coat. Power desk. Power hair. They’d make a power couple.

Ball’s in your court, JF.

[H/T to @MichaelDGeary]


Dillon Cheverere

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