VIDEO: Pistons’ Reggie Jackson Clearly Told A Heckler To Suck His Dick Yesterday

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Nice Move

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There is a reason most players are not mic’d. To allow the sensitive American public to hear to vulgar verbal diarrhea rapidly escaping the mouths of professional athletes while in action would render catastrophic consequences that not even Chernobyl may top. It used to be cool to battle a heckler, but with a camera in everyone’s pocket nowadays, one slip of the tongue and a call from the league’s headquarters will be coming your way shortly.

Detroit Pistons guard Reggie Jackson didn’t exactly have a “slip of the tongue.” He knew what he was saying yesterday when he confronted a heckler — who may more may not have smoked two packs a day for the past 50 years — after he told Reggie to shut up. It was a harsh reaction for such a public setting, but it made for good YouTube, and I love some good YouTube.

“Suck my dick, pussy ass n*gga.” It’s cool for me to type because it has an “A” on the end. Right?

Anyway, all of that was clear as day. There is no denying that one when Commissioner Silver and his repulsive baldness comes calling sometime soon. Have fun, Reggie.

Image via YouTube


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