VIDEO: Reds CF Billy Hamilton Scorches Cubs, Scores From 2nd On A Passed Ball

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Nice Move

Billy Hamilton is very fast. So fast that he can score from second base on a passed ball, like he did earlier in today’s Reds-Cubs game when John Lackey just sat on his thumbs.

Guy has some wheels. That’s really all he has, though — he is a terrible hitter. It’s never good when your on-base percentage is slightly above your batting average that sits around .240. It might be nice that you can steal 50+ bases, but just think how much more productive he could be if he raised that on-base percentage to, say, José Altuve status at .424. He might steal 100+ bases.

Can we take a moment and recognize that the Cubs’ starting rotation has a pedestrian 4.47 ERA over their last 25 games (including Lackey’s 5 ER performance today)? Even Jake Arrieta is sporting an ERA over 4 in his last six starts. Not a great look for a team that’s already kinda stumbling headed into the All-Star break.


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