VIDEO: Super Drunk Girl Gave Cop Everything He Could Handle At LSU’s Bayou Country Superfest

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Nice Move

The folks down in the south love their live events and their drinking. Unfortunately, when you get a bunch of rednecks in an enclosed area, things can get a little out of control. That’s just the nature of the redneck, though. You can’t cage the wild beast, you can only hope to contain it.

This EBR Sheriff Deputy found that out the hard way during LSU’s Bayou Country Superfest while trying to detain this super drunk girl.

Dude stood no chance. He’s pushing about four bills and she’s got drunk reflexes — just stumbling everywhere. We all know that big guys can’t move very well, so any subtle change of motion is tough on them. Probably why she was able to take the man to the ground.

Nothing beats the Bama mom going postal on that poor OU student, though.

She had all of the Bama inside of her.


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