Video Surfaces Of Malia Obama Allegedly Smoking A Joint At Lollapalooza

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Nice Move

Malia Obama is just an average teen who enjoys going to concerts like the rest of us. Just a few years ago, she made a ruckus at Lollapalooza for kicking Americans. She’s now back in the Lollapalooza news for smoking some reefer. A Twitter user uploaded a video of the First Daughter doing some puff, puff, pass with a joint.

Shame on you, Malia! Don’t you know that drugs are bad? How would your father react to this? Marijuana is not legal in Chicago. That is a crime, young lady! How has she not gotten in trouble with the law yet? Is it because her dad has pardoned her already? Sad!

But really, let her live. She should be able to get fucked up like the rest of us.


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