Video Surfaces Of Alleged Nebraska Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Members Branding A Pledge’s Ass

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Today, a video from May of 2014 hit the internet, causing a total shit storm. We must’ve received 15 tips about this damn thing. The video in question involves some alleged University of Nebraska-Lincoln Phi Kappa Psi actives branding an alleged freshman pledge’s ass with the fraternity’s letters.

The liberal media is obviously going to shit all over these guys and call for their heads, but we don’t really have any facts or context for what exactly is going on here. The Daily Nebraskan had this to say:

UNL spokesman Steve Smith said in a statement that neither the person who was the subject of the video nor the individual who posted it are currently enrolled at UNL.

So there’s a chance these guys aren’t in a fraternity at all, or even enrolled in the university. There’s also a chance that UNL spokesman Steve Smith is just covering his ass, or that these guys were all already booted from their fraternity and the university.

Phi Psi’s president said that branding is not, nor has it ever been, part of the fraternity’s tradition. He also said that the individuals in the video participated under their own voluntary will.

We’ll update the situation if any new information comes to light.

Image via Facebook/Nebraska Phi Psi


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