Video: Two Ukrainian Frats Brawl in the Streets

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Nice Move

While you guys are firing water balloons, shitting on lawns and stealing composites from your rival fraternities over here in the states, Ukrainian frats take to the streets in all-out bare knuckle brawls. The Greek life over there is no joke, guys. Look at these two rival frats congregate in the streets, square off, then charge each other with fists and feet flailing, trying to kill each other.

I’m still working my Ukrainian frat source, Aleksandr Isaakov III, to figure out exactly how this slugfest started, but the intel I’ve received so far indicates that a new initiate in the Zeta Tau Zetas (the frat on the left) unknowingly asked the opposing frat’s (the Epsilon Order) chapter Sweetheart, and girlfriend of an active exec. member, to a semi-formal. It really escalated quickly.

Over here in the U.S. that equates to a simple misunderstanding that can be smoothed over with a handshake and a cold brew. That shit’s weak, though.

Here’s the video. The camcorder gets passed over to Michael J. Fox at the 2:15 mark in the vid. He handles it for the duration, so I apologize for the quality.

I’ll update this as we receive more information.




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      Tallapoosa Snu

      I also take pride in our history as talented object throwers. I’ve seen a lot of fights end with a well thrown stool, chair, table, whatever’s around. Everybody tends to get reaaall quiet when a kid gets hit in the face with a powerfully thrown steel chair.

      ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago
  1. -5

    This could be an instructional video on how to fight like a pussy: get someone on the ground, continue to beat them while they are defenseless, then have friends run over to fucking kick them. This video just proves yet again that America is superior.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 4 years ago