VIDEO: Wild Apartment Fight Breaks Out Between Two White Women

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Nice Move

There is no context to this video. All it is is two women getting their fight on. Nothing else.

Goddamn. Don’t mess with the Babe. I haven’t seen Ruth make connections like that since, well, ever since I wasn’t around when Ruth was swinging a bat.

Girl in red needs a few fighting tips.

Rule number one: Don’t go after someone if you’re not ready to get dropped.

Rule number two: When getting your ass kicked, you don’t ask your attacker to stop doing something.

Rule number three: Don’t go after Ruth again.

Ruth, though, did get a couple cheap shots in after red was trying to walk away. Bell had already rung, girl — you can’t do that. And how about the two dudes who were just sitting there watching? They were in a real pickle. Do they help? Do they not? If you do, you’re a bad man for not thinking a woman can handle herself. If you don’t, you’re a bad man for not being chivalrous. Can’t win.

If I had to guess, I imagine the fight was over a man or crack. No in-between based off of the environment.


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